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Elite Property Services was founded in 2016 with the idea that we would be a full-service pressure washing and building envelope cleaning company for residential and commercial properties. Jay Haselden, founder of Elite Property Services has a decade of experience in pressure washing and building envelope cleaning, waterproofing and restorative cleaning services, creating one of a kind experience for all of your property enhancement needs. We take pride in providing the best in customer service, quality pressure washing, and top-notch communication with our clients to help them with the cleanliness of their properties.

Jay Haselden – President of Elite Property Services

Jay Haselden

Cell: (910) 228-6624
Email: jay@elitepressurewashraleigh.com

Jay was introduced to the exterior maintenance business in 2012. Working first as an outside sales representative for a new exterior maintenance company, he learned to clean commercial properties and quickly acquired a depth of knowledge of the industry. In 2013, he partnered with a fellow entrepreneur and started his own company with high expectations of success. Building on the commercial cleaning procedures he developed, Jay quickly grew his client base while continuing to pioneer new strategic and effective cleaning methods and ever striving to be the most respected commercial cleaner in the industry. Before Jay sold his shares in the company, he had grown the company to 15 employees, on track to successfully sell and operate $2,000,000 worth of exterior maintenance services.

In 2016, Jay founded Elite Property Services to bring a new level of service to the commercial cleaning industry. Building on his knowledge of commercial property exteriors, Jay has implemented processes and quality cleaning procedures to make Elite Property Services a company that can take care of any exterior issue on any commercial property.


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